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Research Scientist @ Singapore Management University (SMU)

Email: happygirlzt@gmail.com

About Me

My name is Ting Zhang, a.k.a., happygirlzt. I am a research scientist at SMU since Feb 2024. Prior to this, I defended my doctoral dissertation titled "Supporting Software Engineers with Large Language Model-Based Automation" on 13 Dec 2023. I was fortunate to be advised by Prof. David Lo and Prof. Lingxiao Jiang. Previously, I got my Master degree in Information Systems from Nanyang Technological University and Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Technology from Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU).

Research Interests

My research aims to support software developers in (1) understanding the sentiment expressed in software artifacts (ICSME'20, ICPC'22), (2) enhancing software development efficiency and effectiveness (ICSME'22, ASE'22, TOSEM'22, SANER'23, MSR'23).


    * indicates I am the corresponding author.
  • [FORGE 2024 New Idea] On Evaluating the Efficiency of Source Code Generated by LLMs
    Changan Niu, Ting Zhang, Chuanyi Li, Bin Luo, and Vincent Ng
    [PDF] [Code]

  • [ICSE 2024 NIER] Large Language Model for Vulnerability Detection: Emerging Results and Future Directions
    Xin Zhou, Ting Zhang, and David Lo.
    [PDF] [Code]

  • [TOSEM 2023] Representation Learning for Stack Overflow Posts: How Far are We?
    Junda He, Xin Zhou, Bowen Xu, Ting Zhang, Kisub Kim, Zhou Yang, Ivana Clairine Irsan, Ferdian Thung and David Lo.
    [PDF] [Code]

  • [MSR 2023] PICASO: Enhancing API Recommendations with Relevant Stack Overflow Posts
    Ivana Clairine Irsan, Ting Zhang*, Ferdian Thung, Kisub Kim, and David Lo.
    [PDF] [Code]

  • [SANER 2023] Multi-Modal API Recommendation
    Ivana Clairine Irsan, Ting Zhang*, Ferdian Thung, Kisub Kim, and David Lo.
    [PDF] [Code]

  • [TOSEM 2023, ASE 2023 Journal First] Duplicate Bug Report Detection: How Far Are We?
    Ting Zhang, DongGyun Han, Venkatesh Vinayakarao, Ivana Clairine Irsan, Bowen Xu, Ferdian Thung, David Lo and Lingxiao Jiang.
    [PDF] [Code]

  • [FSE 2022 Demo] iTiger: An Automatic Issue Title Generation Tool
    Ting Zhang, Ivana Clairine Irsan, Ferdian Thung, David Lo and Lingxiao Jiang.
    [PDF] [Code]

  • [FSE 2022 Demo] CodeMatcher: A Tool for Large-Scale Code Search Based on Query Semantics Matching
    Chao Liu, Xuanlin Bao, Xin Xia, Meng Yan, David Lo, and Ting Zhang.
    [PDF] [Code]

  • [ASE 2022] Summarization for Technical Queries: Benchmark and New Approach
    Chengran Yang, Bowen Xu, Ferdian Thung, Yucen Shi, Ting Zhang, Zhou Yang, Xin Zhou, Jieke Shi, Junda He, DongGyun Han and David Lo.
    [PDF] [Code]

  • [ICSME 2022] Automatic Pull Request Title Generation
    Ting Zhang, Ivana Clairine Irsan, Ferdian Thung, DongGyun Han, David Lo and Lingxiao Jiang.
    [PDF] [Code]

  • [ICPC 2022] Benchmarking Library Recognition in Tweets
    Ting Zhang, Divya Prabha Chandrasekaran, Ferdian Thung and David Lo.
    [PDF] [Code]

  • [ICSME 2020] Sentiment Analysis for Software Engineering: How Far Can Pre-trained Transformer Models Go?
    Ting Zhang, Bowen Xu, Ferdian Thung, Stefanus Agus Haryono, David Lo and Lingxiao Jiang.
    [PDF] [Code]

Pre-print (Under Journal Submission)

  • Revisiting Sentiment Analysis for Software Engineering in the Era of Large Language Models
    Ting Zhang, Ivana Clairine Irsan, Ferdian Thung, and David Lo.

  • Evaluating Pre-trained Language Models for Repairing API Misuses
    Ting Zhang, Ivana Clairine Irsan, Ferdian Thung, David Lo, Asankhaya Sharma, and Lingxiao Jiang


  • I occasionally teach algorithms in YouTube, where I proudly have 13k+ subscribers.
  • I was a part-time instructor at a software engineering training company, teaching algorithm courses five times from 2021 to 2023. I have helped 30+ students find software developer jobs in the US.
  • I was a teaching assistant for
    • IS706: Software Mining and Analysis (2022 Spring, SMU)
    • Probability & Mathematical Statistics (2017 Summer, SYSU)
    • Discrete Mathematics (2016 Summer, SYSU)


  • 22 Nov 2023, Automatic Program Repair event at National University of Singapore, Repairing API misuse
  • 20 Nov 2023, North Carolina State University, Large Langague Models for Sentiment Analysis in Software Engineering


  • Veracode: Repairing API misuse bugs. May - August 2022


Selected Honors & Awards

SMU Presidential Doctoral Fellowship in Computing, AY2023/2024.
Full Scholarship for the Ph.D. study, 2020 - 2023.
Second-class Scholarship in SYSU, AY2015/2016.


I enjoy cycling, running, and swimming. I also love playing the sports games on Nintendo Switch. I was a member of the SMU Aquathlon team and the SYSU rowing team. During my undergraduate studies, I was fortunate to represent SYSU in several national and international-level rowing competitions. Check out the moments.